Dec 22, 2012

HOWTO: Flash a (Dell?) BIOS on Linux

My desktop and laptop are Linux hosts.  I virtualize my Windows needs. 

Recently I wanted to flash the BIOS on my laptop.  I looked at different solutions but they all were somewhat lengthy to do a pure-Linux, Open Source solution.  I opted for a relatively simple method.
  • Download the BIOS .exe and place it on a USB stick.  Remove the USB stick when done.
  • Create a System Repair Disk (Windows 7 in my case) [using your VM].
  • Boot up using the System Repair Disk and start a DOS prompt.
  • Install the USB stick.
  • Change directories to C: and list the contents of your USB stick.
  • Run the BIOS .exe - note, you may need to use the /forceit switch.
  • The BIOS .exe will typically want to reboot your machine in order to flash the BIOS.  After executing the .exe, reboot your machine via the System Repair Disk menu and the flash will start.

1 comment:

  1. I have had this same issue in the past, and ended up putting FreeDOS on a thumb drive, then copying the updates to it.