Dec 27, 2012

Laptop running hot? Cool it.

A while ago, I bought a used Dell Precision M4400.  I love this little laptop:  1920x1200 LCD display.  Recently, I installed a 512 GB OCZ SSD and the laptop absolutely zooms.

One thing I noticed was it always seemed to run warm.  If I watched a youtube clip, the GPU and CPU temperatures would go into 70-85C.  I even saw the occasional 90C+ on the core.

Today, I opened it up and blew out a dust clot off the heat sink's fins.  Next, I added additional thermal paste - I should have removed the old paste ... but I didn't.  :)

At idle, the GPU is currently running at 47C and the CPU at 44C.  Watching a youtube video my GPU is at 52 and the CPU at 51.

Without the fan kicking on, it's nice and quiet.

My final test was to watch a youtube video in 1080p/full screen.  This finally tipped the temperature up a bit 64 for the GPU and 72 for the CPU.  The fan, barely audible as it's not overheating.

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