May 23, 2012

Creating an automatic electric fence charger

As of this writing, I have nine egg laying hens.  They have names.  They'll never be eaten by us however predators are a different story.  I have an electric fence to guard the hens at night.  Every evening, it's:
  1. Close the hen house.
  2. Redo the electric fence gate (I only take down three of the seven strands).
  3. Turn on the fence charger.
In the morning, I reverse the above.  Yikes!

This past weekend, I bought a photo-sensitive switch.  These switches are typically used for outdoor lights:  turn on the light at dusk and turn off the light at dawn. 

I connected the switch to my outdoor receptacle and now, I have a fence charger which comes on at night and goes off in the morning. 

Ah!  Life is good.