Apr 8, 2012

Google Sites - quite awesome!

I volunteer at our local cross-country ski club.  It's a non-profit organization, offering x-c ski programs for young and old alike, competitive or not.  Great fun!

It's not mandatory to volunteer but it's all run by volunteers so its success is based on the effort of people pitching in.  I've coached and a year or so back, I decided to work more in the back office - offering IT services.

I've implemented phpBB for our virtual Clubhouse.  Eight days ago, I decided to work on the next generation of the www side.  I looked around and Google Sites was the best option as it supported many of our features:  videos, photo albums, combined calendars, etc.

Have a look at the test site, at the moment, is http://www-test.chelseanordiq.ca  It'll replace http://www.chelseanordiq.ca

At some point, the www-test site will replace www so don't be surprised if the www-test is broken.  It simply means you should go to http://www.chelseanordiq.ca  :)


  1. Useful information ..We're thrilled to see this article..many thanks for giving us this useful information. Fantastic walk-through. I can see this post.

    1. Glad you found it useful. Our plan is to go live July 1st.