Jan 2, 2012

Script to display Thomson DSL line statistics

Keywords: DSL modem, line stats, Thomson, SpeedTouch
Depends on RPM(s) - openSUSE: expect, telnet
Download:  get_dsl_modem_1

It's important to document one's DSL modem's line statistics (line stats) when the connection is working well.  In the event an issue crops up (e.g. losing sync), you have a baseline to compare.  More importantly, you can show your ISP the before and after line stats.

This script calls expect to log in to a Thomson DSL modem and fetch the line statistics.  The results are displayed to stdout.  See the script's Configuration section if you're modem is set up in a non-standard way (e.g. not the default user, etc.)

  • Fixed bug where $MODEM wasn't being used.


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  2. Pablo,

    I've read on DSLReports that you use SuSE 12.1 and MLPPP. Are you using the SuSE box to do the MLPPP or are you using a hardware router?

    I currently us SuSE 12.1 as my headend server at home and am moving to MLPPP and would like to use the box to dial our just like my current DSL setup.

    Please let me know, we can link up via e-mail or Google+.

    Donald Polak

    1. Hi Donald,

      I use an appliance to run MLPPP. I'm running the software from http://fixppp.org on an old Buffalo.