Jan 19, 2012

Linux Firewall Status Indicator

Keywords: KDE, systray, firewall, status, indicator, on/off
Depends on RPM(s) - openSUSE: kdebase4-workspace (for ksystraycmd), xorg-x11 (for xmessage)
Download:  fw_status, fw_on.png fw_off.png

For convenience, when my laptop is plugged into my home network, its firewall is disabled.  When I take it on the road, I switch on its firewall.  What I was missing was a simple icon in my system tray to indicate the status of my firewall.

This script (and the two images) works in KDE (and should be easily tailored for other Window Managers).

After downloading the script and images, place the images in a sub-directory under $HOME (e.g. ~/src/image).  Next, edit the script and change IMG_DIR to point to the image directory which contains the downloaded images.

For me, when I'm on the road, I use the https-everywhere add-on for Firefox.  The script reminds me to re-enable it when I turn on the firewall (and disable it when I've turned off the firewall).  To suppress this message, set RUN_HOOK to 0.  If you'd like to have a different message displayed, change ENABLED_HOOK_MSG and DISABLED_HOOK_MSG accordingly.

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