Jan 5, 2012

Consistent e-mail sound alerts with Thunderbird

Keywords:  Thunderbird, new mail, sound, alert
Depends on RPM(s) - openSUSE:  sox
Thunderbird Add-on(s):  FiltaQuilla

Download:  email_ding, ding.wav

When I converted from Kmail2 to Thunderbird I noticed the New Mail sound alert wasn't consistent.  It'd work mostly.  Slightly maddening.

First, I disabled global sound alerts via the General tab found in Edit > Preferences > General - see When new message arrive:

After installing the add-on FiltaQuilla, I created a new message filter (Tools > Message Filters ...) for each of my e-mail accounts.  The filter is created as follows:
  • Check Match all messages
  • Under Perform these actions:, choose Run File and enter the path of where the script is placed.
You will need to configure the following variables in the script:
  • SOUND_FILE = the sound to play.  You can download the cruddy sound I use.
  • SOUND_PLAYER = the player which will play $SOUND_FILE
  • THRESHOLD = if you get a lot of e-mail in one shot and would like to hear a ding every N seconds, you can set this value to N.

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