Dec 30, 2011

Convert .mkv (and more) to `Apple TV 2' script

Keywords:  handbrake, cli, script, bash, Bourne
Depends on RPM(s) - openSUSE:  handbrake-unstable-cli
Download:  2_apple_tv

If you'd like to convert many files to Apple TV 2 format via the command line, the script will do it for you.  It's simply a wrapper around HandBrakeCLI.  I've tested .mkv (what started the script) and .avi.  .ISO's should also work.  It's whatever HandBrakeCLI supports.

  • Added -d target_dir option
  • Error handling on arguments - if not a file, skip it. 
  • Handbrake insists on the input file residing in the current working directory.  The shell script makes it so.
  • Added 64-bit formatting - support for files greater than 4 GiB

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